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Winter Teambuilding – programs and ideas

Winter Teambuilding – programs and ideas

The winter season gives an interesting and different perspective to the programs

Combine your adventurous spirit and snow activities

Winter teambuilding – why not? It can be extremely appropriate and different from the previous forms of team building that you have organized for your team. We combine various activities so that there is an adventurous spirit and snow activities 🙂

Here are some of the elements that can be included in winter teambuilding:

  • We prefer the activities to be outdoors – so during the winter season your team will experience their snow adventure together 🙂
  • The active elements we include are diverse and selected according to the participants. Examples of activities are: snowshoeing, team skiing or snowboarding, snowmobile or man-made challenges.
  • The winter adventures can include a variety of outdoor games with a competitive nature between different teams.
  • We are developing a scenario of the program, in which there are solving logical tasks and complete linking of the individual elements and tasks.

You can get acquainted with two of our winter team building programs, with the possibility of different combinations. The winter season gives an interesting and different perspective to the programs.

Winter sleigh adventure

We choose a suitable area in which there is an opportunity to make a snowmobile transition without violating the boundaries of nature parks and the tranquility of the animals. During the trip, the teams can have different logical tasks to find their route and reach a place for a winter picnic with fragrant mulled wine.

Project with winter games

A set of fun games, with participants divided into teams, and each team receives points after each game / task. The games are active, fun, stimulating creativity, creativity and thematically focused on winter activities. The participants are divided into teams, the selected variants of the games are carried out in parallel by all groups together.

In winter there are usually not so many opportunities for vacations, trips or outings in nature. The shorter the day, the less sun, the less opportunities to spend time in nature, to some extent lead to higher morbidity.


Therefore, according to our team, it is important this season for the team to be motivated in the right and appropriate way. For adventures in other seasons, you can browse here.

For winter team building we would choose a mountainous area that is close enough to cozy warm places.

Here are some of the places that would be suitable for winter team building:

  • the region of the Seven Rila Lakes, can be combined with Sapareva Banya
  • Bansko and the region
  • Borovets and the region
  • Pamporovo
  • Apriltsi and the area of the hotel Pleven
  • Troyan and Cherni Osam

Of course, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities for each place you have chosen. Or describe to us what you imagine to give the best offer.

The duration of winter teambuilding depends on the time you have. It is good for longer outdoor activities to provide places where teams will have access to a heated room. It is necessary to take into account the shorter length of the day, unless dark activities are included in the program 🙂


Winter programs can be prepared in a fun way, so that they are combined or replace the so popular Christmas parties.

Another option is to use them for trainings or annual company events that are planned in the winter months.

For us there is no limit to the number of participants. We can prepare programs for both large events and compact groups.

To make each participant feel comfortable during all activities, we will send a detailed list of everything you need. During this season it is important to pay special attention to clothing and footwear. No additional physical training is required from the participants.

Discover your next adventure and make it memorable!

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