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Teambuilding Games – traditions, customs and village

Teambuilding Games – traditions, customs and village

Get acquainted with the details of Bulgarian culture and traditions

Teambuilding games and programs related to Bulgarian traditions, customs and the village

Teambuilding games and programs related to Bulgarian traditions, customs and the village – this format is extremely attractive and fun. We include intriguing elements that, in addition to taking us back in time, aim to provoke creative thinking, teamwork and peer support. For foreigners in the team, this would be an additional opportunity to learn in a fun way more details of Bulgarian culture and traditions.

Or what challenges can you expect during team building games 🙂

  • Classes can be held outdoors or indoors, and of course we welcome the choice of open spaces 🙂
  • We can include games from the old days, which can also be competitive.
  • Challenges related to specific traditions and customs.
  • We are looking for a diverse approach as each team and participant will be able to contribute through their sense and imagination.

Tasks related to village life will contribute to a lot of mood, as well as a little movement 🙂 Of course, not everything is at the level of physics, some of these types of tasks require a well-prepared strategy.

You can get acquainted with our favorite programs in this category.

Our farm

A project that combines adventure elements with agricultural work, in the form of games and competitions. The essence of the project is for each of the teams to cope with different farming tasks, to overcome the stage and reach the next level. Elements of logical tasks, finding the conditions and the necessary materials and tools to perform the tasks and challenges can be included.

Project memories from Old times

This project is inspired by the stories of our grandparents 🙂

Your team can be divided into teams, with tasks and games carried out in parallel, there can be a competitive element and performance evaluation. The project can consist of two modules. The Old Time Games module includes fun games, the idea being to encourage teamwork. The activities in the Old Traditions module are selected to motivate artistry, individual leadership and presentation skills, as well as team spirit. In both modules we stick to the concept of having fun for everyone and going beyond the hectic everyday life.

This type of program can be organized at any time of the year. During the cooler months of the year it can be indoors or an interesting combination can be made with tasks outside.

The place for the program can be chosen depending on the number of participants and the travel opportunities of your team. Suitable places for outdoor activities are nice meadows, mountainous areas, near Renaissance towns.

We would suggest the region of Bansko, Sopot, Kazanlak, Karlovo, Devin, Batak, Tryavna.

Do not hesitate to share your ideas to find a suitable and interesting place.

The timing of team building games is entirely up to you. The minimum duration that we believe would bring effect to your team is within 1.5 – 2 hours. According to your program, the modules can be distributed within two days.

Additional opportunities during the program are tastings of local specialties – food or drinks, organizing lunch, video or photos.


An evening short program can be included and prepared, in which each of the teams can relive the emotions of the past day in a fun way.

There is no limit to the number of participants. We can prepare programs for a large event (500 people for example) and for compact groups of about 10 people.

For team building games with traditions, customs and village, no prior preparation is required. It is important that participants are dressed appropriately and set up for lots of fun.

Discover your next adventure and make it memorable!

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