Holidays in Greece - three days by kayak on the island of Thassos
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Holidays in Greece – three days by kayak on the island of Thassos

Holidays in Greece – three days by kayak on the island of Thassos

260 BGN per person
3 дни

Holidays in Greece in adventure style?

Rediscover the island of Thassos in a different way – by kayak!

Holidays in Greece in adventure style?

Take us to the island of Thassos – the nearest island in the Aegean Sea and one of our favorite kayak destinations in Greece. Even if you have been to the island of Thassos, prepare for this holiday to rediscover this place in a different way. The view from a kayak can change the point of view a lot and give you the opportunity to touch places where you can really only reach with a kayak or a small boat type and swimming 🙂

What to expect during a kayak vacation in Greece – Thassos?

The program we have prepared for our active vacation in Greece is related to kayaking for about 2-3 hours a day. With the kayaks we will pass under high rocks, we will enter sea caves, we will rest on sandy beaches, accessible only by water and we will swim in the clear waters.

Every lunch will be organized in a different beautiful place, so get ready for beach picnics and lots of sea views.

If you do not have experience with kayaking, this should not bother you. Upon arrival we conduct a short training.

Stay and overnight stay

From Keramoti to the island of Thassos we will reach by ferry. The nights during the holiday in Greece are in camping Pefkari beach. The campsite is on the beach in a pine forest that provides shade and is within walking distance of the city. It has several bathrooms, refrigerators, barbecues, shared shelters with tables. There we sleep in tents, but if you want you can rent a caravan or studio.

Regarding the food in the campsite there are conditions for storage and preparation of food, shelters and tables. We will have camping – kitchen utensils, gas stove and more. There are several taverns near the campsite (in Pefkari and Potos). Usually one night we eat at the campsite and the second we go out to a tavern.

We have breakfast at the campsite, and for lunch we bring light food in the kayaks, or rowing with the kayaks we find a suitable coastal restaurant and park.

Necessary luggage for a kayak vacation in Greece

– camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, insulating blanket, flashlight or headlamp, cup, utensils, water bottle)
– clothing suitable for the season, swimwear – at least two pieces, wind jacket and sunscreen (long-sleeved garment made of quick-drying fabric, sunscreen lotion, hat, sunglasses)

– water shoes or comfortable light sandals with which it is appropriate to enter the sea.

Suitable season for kayaking on the island of Thassos

Suitable time of year for this kayak vacation is from late April to early July. Then we wait for the hot summer days and again we can go on a trip to the island of Thassos from September to the end of October.

Price for a three-day kayak vacation in Greece – Thassos: BGN 260.

The price includes:

  • Necessary kayak equipment – double or single kayak, oars, life jackets.
  • Transport by bus
  • Price for ferry – Keramoti – Thassos
  • A guide who will also conduct kayak training

The price does not include:

  • Accommodation at Pefkari Beach – you can see their current prices for the season.
  • Food.

Additional opportunities for a kayak vacation in Greece

If possible for more weekends, this kayak adventure can be combined with a bike. In this way you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the island by land 🙂

If you want to see other kayak offers – in Bulgaria or Greece, you can do it here.

Discover your next adventure and make it memorable!

If you think this experience is right for you, be sure to contact us:

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  • Departure Time
    7ч. сутрин
  • Return Time
    11ч. вечерта
  • Dress Code
    спортно, удобно

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