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עונת הרפטינג מתחילה במרץ. Big River Party - 9 באפריל, 2022
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170 BGN / per person

Enter the pristine nature and discover its boundless beauty Ski touring is a hiking trail that includes walking, climbing and skiing Ski touring is hiking, walking, climbing and descending with skis. Combining the technique and equipment of walking / running skis and alpine skis. Man’s desire to enter the pristine…

130 BGN / per person

Trekking-rafting vacation, bringing variety, saturation and time for relaxation Combine the rafting on the river Struma with trekking to the hut. Sinanitsa! Sometimes we want a long vacation, but we don’t always manage to find enough days off. For this reason, we offer you a trekking-rafting vacation, which with its…

890 BGN / per person

Kayaks, bicycles, hiking in the mountains, tied with ropes on sheer cliffs A seven-day adventure among the beautiful mountain scenery This 7 days in the Pirin and Rhodope adventure will take you through the home of the angels cast out by God to the highest peaks in this region of…

80 BGN / per person

Three-day adventure on the tops of Pirin Mountain – From Vihren to Sinanitsa An unforgettable mountain adventure from Vihren to Sinanitsa We chose this mountain trek because for one reason or another it is extremely dear to us. Maybe because of the tradition every autumn to do this route with…

3 days