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60 BGN / per person

Rafting in May, adventures and holidays for the upcoming holidays Exciting and at the same time relaxing program with rafting Rafting in May, adventures and rest for the upcoming holidays, among the nature and beauty of the Kresna Gorge and the Struma River. We have prepared an exciting and at…

130 BGN / per person

Trekking-rafting vacation, bringing variety, saturation and time for relaxation Combine the rafting on the river Struma with trekking to the hut. Sinanitsa! Sometimes we want a long vacation, but we don’t always manage to find enough days off. For this reason, we offer you a trekking-rafting vacation, which with its…

119 BGN / per person

Rafting is becoming one of the most the fastest growing extreme sports in Bulgaria. Experience a high level of adrenaline and loads of fun every single day from March to November.

83 BGN / per person

If you prefer to spend your holidays in the nature, actively resting, in a great company - this is the right program for you! Combination of activities and relax that you could also share with the family and friends.